Thank you Jacinta for a wonderful was really great....
beyond my expectations really.  I found this year a different quality
to the festival and to the people who came through...all much deeper
and more earnest in developing "truth"...hard to describe, but very sweet. 

I had AMAZING contacts with people....and I have also had 2 people
call to book apts.with me.  I have also called Koichi to make an apt. with
him as half the pain in my left arm is gone after his treatment, and that
has been a problem for a year and a half.  He is truly gifted.  We are
meeting in the hotel lobby as you suggested!

I hope you are happy with the week-end and that you continue to
receive many messages like this one, because you did a superb job!

Blessings and see you next year....Martha
A Thank You


MIND BODY & SPIRIT FESTIVAL                  

H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel Marbella Spain



Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th Oct 2019


11:am - 8:00pm

 Crta de Cadiz 174km  Puerto Banus  Malaga  Spain
 Behind the Casino /  Detrás del Casino, opposite Puerto Banus

 Entrance/Entrada € 10  

 Free Parking around the Hotel

Be Empowered Raise your Vibrational Frequency !!


Be Open:  
To Allowing & Experiencing More Love - Health - Wealth - Peace of Mind & Well Being in Your Life Living & Reality *How Does It Get Any Better Than That*